New Human Dreamtime Intl., Et/Per/Se/And, Muad'Dib, Ahgori Dope, and Arcsecs are the assumed aliases of Derrick Mulira Barnicoat. Derrick is a new media/video/transmission artist and musician born in 1979 in Hartford, Connecticut and now works and resides in Kurtistown, Hawaii.


Interstellar Sounds of Golden Earth

  •  interactive video installation projected over three screened pyramids
  •  live improvised musical performance inspired by "The Interstellar Golden Record" by Carl Sagan

Static Pools

  • interactive video installation 
  • exhibited at the Red Hook Criterium 2013

Ori UMI: A Single Fold

  • interactive video installation in collaboration with Eric Ayotte
  • exhibited at the Dumbo Arts Festival 2012

Détournement de Tournament 

  • interactive video installation 
  •  exhibited at The 2012 Red Hook Criterium, Brooklyn, New York

Useless Worms 

  • interactive video and sound installation/performance
  • featuring performance by Mollie Dash, Pamela Bailinson, Diane Tomasi, Ingrun Schnitzler and Lilla Magyari
  • exhibited as part of the Et.Per.Se.And, November 2011 residency at Everbrite Mercantile in Brooklyn, New York 
  • also exhibited as part of the In Six Hours/Six Hours Ago Exhibition at Etalage Derde Wal, Nijmegen, Netherlands, curated by The Poetry Club Artspace, Brooklyn, New York
  • also exhibited as part of the Greenpoint Preapocalyptic Theater Festival in 2012

 Oil and Water

  • video and sound installation
  • a collaboration with Eric Ayotte and Richard Oliver Wilson
  •  exhibited as part of the Dumbo Art Festival 2011, Brooklyn, New York 

Ghazal Transmission

  • FM transmitted ambient musical score
  •  a collaboration with Rachael Bell for Daphane Park's New York Tea Ceremony 
  • exhibited as part of the School Nite event for the Festival of Ideas for the New City, May 2011, New York, New York 


  • video and three channel FM transmitted sound installation
  • exhibited as part of the Trucks Series at Work Gallery Brooklyn, New York, April 2011 

The Vertigo Project

  • FM radio transmitted interactive ambient musical score for a video installation by Eric Ayotte
  • exhibited at Kidd/Yellin Gallery September 2010; Work Gallery October 2010

Daphane Park's Superconductor

  • created a recorded an live ambient musical score with collaborators Rachael Bell and David Marshall
  • Exhibited at Honeyspace Gallery, New York City 2010 ; The Voodoo Festival, New Orleans 2009; Creative Research Labs, Austin, Texas 2009


  • The School of The Art Institute of Chicago


interactive video installation, repurposing outdated technology, multitrack fm broadcasting, sound design and composition, sound healing especially with the gong, njari mbira, singing bowls, percussion, and synthesis,  

KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Daoist Medical Gong Practitioner 


Permacultural Farming, Surfing with my body or on a board, hiking